The MCS Foundation

Future homes need standards 

The Government is planning to introduce new building standards for all new homes built from 2025. The MCS Foundation is asking that these new standards require a meaningful deployment of solar panels on the roof, include battery storage, and make heat pumps the default option for low-carbon heating. 

It will not be possible for any fossil fuel heating system, including hybrid systems or hydrogen-ready boilers, to meet the overarching aim of the Future Homes Standard (FHS):  for all new homes to be zero-carbon ready in line with the decarbonisation of the electricity grid – which now has a target date of 2030. Heat pumps and low-carbon heat networks are set to be the primary option for home heating. 

Currently, a meaningful array of solar panels is not mandated for new build homes and there is no requirement for battery storage. Including them will help all new homes to be as energy efficient as possible, significantly reduce household energy bills, and contribute to managing peak demand on the electricity grid. 

There is a considerable challenge in retrofitting existing homes to make them low-carbon, high-efficiency dwellings. We should avoid adding to this problem by building new homes with no need for future retrofitting.  

We are encouraging as many people as possible to contact their MP, asking them to ensure new homes are built fit for the future.

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